CDU-man fishermen, jumps Merz page

12.27 PM: “With Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer seem to be nerves will be on edge,” says Union group member of the management Board Axel Fischer to FOCUS Online.

Each choice fighters have felt in the last few years, the Merkel’sche System of “asymmetric demobilization” and the associated avoidance of contentious political disputes, the difference between the CDU, the SPD and the Greens blurred.

“the fact That this behavior has strengthened the AfD. Thus, Friedrich Merz, has placed the Finger in the wound of the CDU“, is defending Fischer, top candidate of Merz. The result of the elections in Bavaria and Hesse have confirmed this. “The heavy defeat in Hesse, are the responsibility of the Secretary-General of the CDU of Germany”, criticized the Baden CDU Bundestag Deputy Fischer. This may explain their sharp reaction, right you’ll.

“The CDU needs to stop talking the results are beautiful. The task of the new party leadership is to promote the democratic will and opinion formation from the bottom to the top,“ warned the CDU group, member of the Board.

Dobrindt calls for deportations to Syria

Sunday, 25. November, at 07:38: CSU land group chief Alexander Dobrindt is contrary to Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and calls for deportations of the most serious crime Ellen offenders to Syria. Dobrindt said the “image on Sunday”: If hard-core criminals Syrians can not be returned, because it is dangerous, you are endangering but at the same time our population in Germany, then I don’t want to accept that.”

As an example of unjustified deportations Dobrindt called the sex offender from Freiburg: “We should deport this group of rapists from Freiburg to Syria, have lost every right to claim protection in our country.”

at the same time Dobrindt admitted that he did not have to respect, if the rule of law does not allow such deportations, because the consequences for the Deportees to be calculable. For this case, Dobrindt demanded that the state must prove the delinquent refugees after their prison time to protect the population permanently with security measures: “These perpetrators of violence must be put under maximum control, by limiting the freedom of movement, with a duty of residence documents, and with an electronic ankle bracelet monitor.”

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