Finland joins the european heritage label. Id can be granted within the EU for items which are of European history, culture and integration play a key role.

the city of Kuopio proposal to the government already in February, accession, according to the heritage label. The inspiration of this Tucson got the university of Jyväskylä, academy researcher from the Wind Lähdesmäeltä . Lähdesmäki wrote in Helsingin sanomat (you move to another service), that Finland should take advantage of the project and be involved in determining what the common European cultural heritage could be.

Writing Lähdesmäki also suggested that Finland could apply for recognition of equality in its history. Finnish women namely got the right to vote first in Europe in 1906. Lähdesmäki, according to Tucson would be for women’s rights fight the Minna Canth thanks to its natural place of balance-the value of heritage for.

the Same view is of the city of Kuopio vice chairman of the board Pekka Kantanen (ecr). If Finland can get equality in the european cultural heritage domain, it belongs to Kantanen, Finland of Kuopio and canth’s home – and business house kant mode.

– Kuopio and kant mode, the Minna home, these revolutionary equality message sparks flew to the world his novel and show through.

in Kuopio canth’s legacy will be presented at the block museum. Kanttila, in turn, is the number of renovated cultural use. Next year will be celebrated Minna canth’s 175-year anniversary.

“Kuopio is possible”

cultural council Päivi Salonen education and the ministry of culture told me, that from many quarters come the hopes of Finland’s accession to the heritage label. Now was Salonen according to the good time for joining, for going on a European cultural heritage year.

Salonen, according to the informal speeches have been given, that Finland would be able to apply id Lähdesmäki proposed by basis. The official plans on the matter do not yet exist.

Salonen also does not preclude the possibility that the name may be the applicant on this basis, Kuopio.

It (Kuopio, finland) is a possible place, but I don’t want to take it at this stage position. The great thing is that there is is already active and is already out of good ideas.

European cultural heritage domain on the beneficiaries decide, an impartial panel of experts, which the member countries can make proposals to the id of the entries. Id does not cost anything, nor does the EU give money to the id of the recipient object.

the id of the receiving targets the spectrum is broad. Among them are, inter alia, ancient Athens city centre democracy the idea of the birthplace, the Gdansk shipyard, solidarity museum and as well as the Portuguese national archives to retain the death penalty prohibit the document from the year 1867.

the Id is permanent, but its preservation items will adhere to the id of the granting of the required criteria.