If you want to fly relatively cheaply with Lufthansa, you will have to be content with the assigned seats in the future – or pay extra. The group is reducing the services in the “Economy Light” tariff.

Lufthansa is continuing to cut back the services in its cheapest “Economy Light” tariff.

As of June 21, passengers with these tickets can only change seats on Lufthansa and Austrian European flights for a fee of 25 euros, according to information on the Lufthansa website. There are only exceptions on flights to Italy if children between the ages of two and twelve or the disabled are accompanied.

In all other booking classes, reservations remain subject to a fee as before, although there is still the option of switching to seats that are still available free of charge from 23 hours before departure. Free reservations on European flights are only reserved for regular customers in the top classes HON Circle and Senator, who are even allowed to secure seats for up to three companions.