He denies being a leader or even a spokesperson. But over the days, his face bald and bearded and his orders for mobilization appeared on the walls Facebook of hundreds of thousands of French. Tight framing on a neutral background, slow flow, tone determined, the videos of Frank Buhler, form part of those which structure the phenomenon of the yellow vests. A 53-year-old, community manager based in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, in the Tarn-et-Garonne, is part of the selective club of people who are more influential in the heart of the dispute antifiscale that has gripped France and her government since November 17.

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After having himself participated in the movement in his department, he called the November 18, its page on Facebook “Patriosphère Info” to cause a “tide yellow” the following Saturday in the capital. “You must all, on foot, horseback and by car, browse through all of the streets of Paris. Do you spread throughout the city. Walking on the sidewalk ? No, walk in the street!!! (…) On the 24th of November, it is Paris blocked. On the 24th of November, it is the city of Paris dead. (…)”, lance-t-il, in a message seen more than 260 000 times. On 23 October, her first video to support the “general mobilization” has been viewed 4.5 million times.

“The government wants to trap us”

The virality of their messages does not exclude the hostility with other leaders – made or self-proclaimed – yellow vests. Frank Buhler does not have the words quite hard, for example, to talk about the Breton Jacline Mouraud he suspects of wanting to take the leadership. “The government wants to trap us, to have people with whom to negotiate, the people who provide the champagne and petits fours”, storm does it, in a video more recent.

the Initiator of the yellow vests, the driver of heavy trucks seine-et-marnais Eric Drouet took him as his distances with Frank Buhler. “He just made a video of support, but we are the supports not at all,” he told the World at the end of October.

screen Capture of a video of Frank Buhler, posted on his page in Facebook.


Unlike most of the leaders of the yellow vests, Frank Buhler does not display a profile apolitical. It occupies in effect the position of delegate of the 1st constituency of Tarn-et-Garonne of Standing The France (DLF), the party of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. Which has earned him a call from Eric Drouet before the event on 17 November. “He asked me to clarify in my videos that I was acting in the name of the yellow vests and not in the name of DLF,” acknowledges Frank Buhler. Previously, the agitator has a passage noticed at the FN between may 2016 and April 2018.

“about islamophobic or even racist”

Good connoisseur of social networks, it quickly becomes the head of digital of the federation FN Tarn-et-Garonne, as well as supervisor of the township. “The relationship deteriorated progressively. It was about islamophobic or even racist,” says a local setting that evokes an “oversized ego”. In support of this accusation, tweets, tone of virulent anti-muslim that has obtained The Express. In one of them, he ensures that “the Arabs have never invented” and recalls, in support of his demonstration, that the figures so-called arabs have been invented in India. “Clumsiness”, argues there today. “I would have had to speak of the arab civilization. But I could say the same thing about the inca civilization – the Incas had not invented the wheel – or inuit”, complete-t-it.

screen Capture of a tweet from Frank Buhler


In another message, he welcomes the departure of Florian Philippot, the FN. “He wanted the followers of islam are joining our ranks, he says. Those who believe that a pedophile criminal is a prophet we are a mess.” “I have nothing against good muslims who do not kill any person. But those who say that a pedophile is the example to follow to me to pose problem”, she defends it in a confusing way to Express it.”Muhammad didn’t he married Aisha at 6 years old ? Didn’t he déflorée to 9 years [in reality, this age is controversial] ? The rector of the Paris mosque will he make a statement for me to refute ?”, reacting to it, the exalted.

screen Capture of a tweet from Frank Buhler


According to the local direction of the FN, these blunders have earned him a suspension from the bureau county in November 2017, before a permanent exclusion in April 2018. He ensures that he himself slammed the door at the end of April 2018 due to the close proximity, according to him, local executives with the polemicist Alain Soral.

“Frank Buhler does not call for sedition,”

In any case, he is a member of the national Council of the resistance in europe (CNRE), a structure presided by the writer Renaud Camus, and which aims, according to its website, “to oppose the substitution of the peoples currently at work on our continent, including in its islamic dimension”.

But for him, his current battle as a yellow jacket is “a thousand miles” of its beliefs and identity. On Facebook, it now calls for the dissolution immediate of the national Assembly, with the cancellation of the increase in fuel, “of all the scheduled increases January 1,” and the “rise of the CSG on our retirees.” “I demand also the resignation of the president of the Republic and the election of a constituent assembly by proportional-integral”, outbids it with The Express.

A list of grievances far from those of DLF, which merely claim the “States general of taxation”. “It is not a cult. Frank Buhler does not call for the sedition. It bears a message that fits the feeling of the yellow vests,” defends the entourage of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, not displeased to see an obscure local access a certain notoriety in the media.

it is Impossible to walk more than 500 meters

While questions rise about the security of the manifestation of yellow vests in Paris on Saturday, the herald of the “people’s martyr” calling to disobey the ministry of the Interior, which banned the outskirts of the Palace to the protesters. “If your walk takes you along the side of the place de la Concorde, you are the sovereign people, you do what you want. (…) The people are the sovereign in this country, he has permission to ask anyone ( … ), ” says he in another video.

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itself, however, is not safe to travel in the capital. After a paragliding accident, he can no longer “walk more than 500 metres per day”. After several press articles have referred to its partisan involvement, it evokes a “manoeuvre of the bottom floor” to discredit the yellow vests. “If I had known, I would not have made my first video,” he says. Before you repost compulsively calls the blockade of Paris on his page Facebook.