Frank Otto and Nathalie Volk: “I don’t check if he has a wrinkle anymore”


    Frank Otto and Nathalie Volk are back together. The age difference of 39 years is not a problem for either of them, as they now explained.

    After their love-off in 2020, Nathalie Volk (25) and Frank Otto (64) found each other again, as the 25-year-old confirmed on Instagram in March. At the 72nd Hamburg Press Ball in the Hotel Grand Elysée, they appeared together on the red carpet. Frank Otto also explained in an RTL interview about the love comeback: “We can build on a five-year history. We may not even know how today.” His girlfriend added: “What happens next is written in the stars.”

    Volk, who wants to start as an actress in the USA under the name Miranda DiGrande, enthuses in the joint interview by Frank Otto: “Frank has a young soul. When I talk to him or we have fun together, our energies are simply exchanged and I don’t look to see if he has another wrinkle.” She also says of their love story that they have “a special connection. It was always there. Even when we had our break. It’s probably also because I’ve known him since I was 18, he’s my first boyfriend”. He may also be a kind of “father substitute”, according to the model.

    During the relationship break, Volk lived with another man in Turkey and was also engaged in the meantime. The contact with Frank Otto was still there: “He helped me get out of there,” she said of the failed relationship.

    On TV since 2014

    The 25-year-old also explained in the RTL interview about her future plans: “I hope I’ll be a mother in ten years. That would be my greatest wish. And maybe an Oscar,” she added with a laugh. Volk took part in the ninth season of Heidi Klum’s (49) model casting show “Germany’s next top model” (ProSieben) in 2014 as a student and made it to the semifinals. Her next big TV engagement was the RTL jungle camp in early 2016. She then appeared in “Goodbye Germany” (2017, VOX), among others.

    The model and the Hamburg entrepreneur Frank Otto had confirmed their love in 2016. In November 2020, their split became public. In October 2021 it became known that Volks’s subsequent relationship had broken up and in the spring she finally declared that she was in a relationship with Frank Otto again.