MejlaÅsa Linderborg+ FÖLJÅSIKTFredrik Virtanen and poles on the SöderSkamstraffet was removed in 1864 – it is now back This is a kulturartikel , which is a part of Aftonbladet’s opinionsjournalistik.Photo: AP”The total pressure is so massive, that it is impossible to write about Metoo-the revolution rättsosäkra backsides without thinking about if it makes itself impossible,” writes Åsa Linderborg.CULTURE

I live in the eastern Södermalm. See, my string is not really like usual. Someone or a few have put up signs on poles and on other visible places, where it stands to Fredrik Virtanen is a serial rapist.

Fredrik Virtanen, living in the same block as I. And his family, including a three-literate children.

I don’t want to call it here for pöbelvälde. The word mob comes from the populus, that is to say, people. It is not people in general, there is no ”vanlisar”, smetat down the Southern skitdyra streets with these klisterlapparna. There are a few others, some who feel chosen to fight in the bigger the name.

Lynchjustis is a better word. Trying to take the law into their own hands, and there is always a consequence of an already mounted drive. Man acting in the conviction that to have a moral muscles on his side. Expressen and other media, has on several occasions spread on the accusation that Virtanen is a rapist. Does it then matter that the investigation against him was put down, he is never convicted of any crime?

Klisterlapparna shows that radical feminists – or if it’s just Cissi Wallin -activists and right-wing extremists can coincide in the world view; they do not rely on the rule of law. Several reportings about miscarriages of justice in the våldtäktsmål ground down in the same bag as private accusation on social media.

Half of humanity has been oppressed for thousands of years, but it gives us the right to do anything now? You can’t punish a structural injustice with an assault on an individual human being. What will happen with Fredrik Virtanen for that they’re going to settle? A year ago it was the extreme right who tried to silence him because they did not stood out, with his, ah, yes, feminism and anti-racism.

Skamstraffet was abolished in 1864. Now it is back. I can also suffer from some kind of shame, or if it is guilt, because I occupy a position which is completely apart. The total pressure is so massive, that it is impossible to write about Metoo-the revolution rättsosäkra backsides without thinking about if it makes itself impossible.

in this upset the climate to which the court of appeal shall take a decision in the case Jean-Claude Arnault . They have called a press conference on Monday, which suggest that they have a controversial decision to convey.

Controversial does not mean acquittal judgment. In that case, Arnault be in Paris now, the state may not detain someone for a second unnecessarily. The controversial must be viewed in a legal context; there is a conviction actually far from obvious.

Is there any mental preparedness for a discussion, we challenging twists and turns on the judgment? Or should we refrain out of fear to see our names pasted on the poles?

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