An elderly woman has been killed in France. She was the fourth fatal victim, as the violent demonstrations in the country have demanded. This was stated by the French police.

The 80-year-old woman was struck in the head by a tåregasbeholder, when she was about to close the shutters for its windows, writes the BBC.

the Woman would protect his home against the protesters rampage through the Marseilles streets. It cost her life.

Both Saturday and Sunday were Paris, Marseille and several other of the largest French cities hit by violent demonstrations.

Saturday was 133 persons injured and more than 400 demonstrators arrested during the riots. While the French interior ministry reports that around 136.000 frenchmen took part in the nationwide protests Sunday.

recent weeks have up to 300.000 ‘yellow vests’ demonstrated all over the country.

In the first place was the price increases for gasoline and diesel, that got the demonstrators on the street. But since the uprising only increased, and several are pulled in the neon-colored vests, which characterizes the demonstrators.

Dissatisfaction with the gasoline prices has evolved into a broad protest movement, which in general are directing their discontent against the economic policies pursued under president Emmanuel Macron.

Demonstrators have thrown cobblestones at police and set fire to buildings and cars, while the police on its part has responded again with tear gas and water cannons.

According to the French newspaper Libération is the riots: ‘Undoubtedly the most violent since the events of may ’68.’

at the Time developed in the French youth revolt into a general strike with 7-10 million. strikers.

In 2018, the French protesters are a motley assembly, which counts everything from the nationalists of the student groups on the extreme right to the extreme left-wing and anarchists. Just the width among the outrageous makes it difficult for the government and the president of the Macron to get a handle on the troops.

Jørn Boisen, who research in French society and history at the University of Copenhagen, denmark, says to DR. dk.

“This is probably most people from the extreme right, who are trying to take control of the movement. They are there along with people from the extreme left, so it is a limited of extremes, with a common interest in attacking the centre. But there is none of them really have any legitimacy, so there are not any to enter into agreements, and even if there are signed agreements with them, it is not certain that all will feel obliged to comply with them.”

Monday held Macron crisis meeting on the situation in the country. The right leader Marine Le Pen warned at the meeting Macron that he can become the first French president in 50 years, there may be have to give the order to open fire on his own people.

In the first place selected the president to invite the protesters to a meeting with prime minister Edouard Philippe on Tuesday. But the protesters have canceled the meeting.