digital security is now at its peak and the next start re-thinking time, as digitalisation of damage have become visible. I saw the reflection in Helsinki last week talked futurologi Matthias Horx .

Finland Horx surprised the audience. The German-Finnish chamber of Commerce future forum gathered a couple of hundred business representatives were expecting maybe a little more technical reflection of the future.

strictly speaking, Matthias Horx is not a researcher. At least not in the academic sense. He is a former journalist and publisher, who has founded the future institute (switch to another service), written 20 books and traveled the 25 years of the world speaking about the future.

Horx is a controversial figure. He denies also itself to other future researchers. Disagree Horx is especially with them, who believe digitalisation solve earth’s current problems.

When the digitalization of a cannon into the old problem of the on top of, so surely it must follow, as the big bang, Horx start the interview.

Horx makes immediately clear that the technology of a hater he’s not, but critical he is.

Horxin represented by the ”humanistic futurism” that the technology is needed, but the problems cannot be solved without understanding the properly human emotion and how relationships are built.

– for Example, Siri (apple’s voice recognition-based assistant) sounds great, but Siri is economically rational only data of the vacuum cleaner. And that’s the way it comes from the people watching the tracking device. Many of the psychological studies we know that people don’t really even want to talk to computers.

And the problem is Horxin according to the already this more visible, because lonely people are beginning to talk increasingly ihmismäisemmiksi for those who have devices.

It will still be a medical problem, when people isolate themselves with their engines. We really can’t. We need eye contact and events, where we meet real people.

the website is mitigated the feelings

Matthias Horx warn you that many people have become technical equipment of the extension. In the current hyper media of the time feelings do not stay with them anymore.

Horx take an example, how images of California fires don’t sweat anymore just anyone. No, although it is well known that pieces of dead people what karmeimmalla way.

– People are basically sympathetic creatures, but they become either cynical or bolted. And that came unglued now it populism. That is what it is. The brain receives too much stimuli, people are going crazy.

Horx believes that the next counter-trend is, however, already on the way. Damage hate speech is bursting out in the digital communication has now been noticed.

Even young people are now, according to the study, noticed that the internet isn’t the place to handle social relations. The internet has become a terrorist tool, first in schools and now it’s becoming a terrorist tool in politics and elsewhere in society. It kills conversations.

on Social media it appears Horxin according to tribal behavior. He cites the example of president Trump.

– Nationalist populism is it, that I decided to be loyal only to one group or the director, is how to fool any. Digitalisation of idealization based on the illusion that bringing people together is always good. But it’s not.

Digitalization has made the people of modern-day slaves

Matthias Horx is not words, resist the digitalisation, but wants to find a way in which its disadvantages can be avoided. Disadvantages of the identification difficult, however, is that human brains tend to leave unpleasant things into account.

– last year Alone, about a thousand influensseria (somevaikuttajaa) committed suicide when their world was built on digital illusions. Then came the disrespect and the crap storm. It ended their life. The whole indentiteetti was the digital world.

the Future is Horxin the tunnel, where things are trying to predict pretty. The next tripping location may be artificial intelligence of idealization.

Ai no futuro radiology, according to help us, if at the same time the whole system will not change. The old problem on the built in artificial intelligence can make the wrong decisions and lead to a wrong decision becomes stronger. Artificial intelligence for example, does not know how to solve the car traffic congestion, if it is not able to calculate that the correct answer could be, for example, cycle paths construction.

Then can happen so, that we wonder where the change has led us. Take, for example, a bicycle food you sent. They are guided by artificial intelligence, but at the same time they have become slaves to the system.

Matthias Horx explains how the future is built on trends and counter-trends. Every trend has a counter trend. The balance will be lost, if something begins to be too much. Then started a repair business, which seeks to prevent the trend of change in the disaster.

Helsinki business representatives appeared in Matthias Horx recalled in his speech, that what more we have in the future, the technology, the more people needed.

the Technology does not solve the problems of the future, because it’s always about relationships. About how we get along with each other.

Matthias Horxin personal experience find from home Vienna. His house was the last technical line burglar alarm system. It does not, however, learned how to distinguish the neighbours of a burglary here and will ring continuously when the neighbor was close.

Now intelligent hardware has been dismantled and replaced by a dog. Get the job done better and the neighbors like the dog.