The Stiftung Warentest has tested chocolate. In the current issue of the magazine “test” (12/2018) received 15 of the 25 products of the grade “good”.

The winners: To the test winners belong to “The good chocolate” (Euro/100 g), “Marabou Mjölk Cjhoklad” (1,12 € /100 g), as well as “Merci noble-cream” (of 1.30/100 g).

The loser: Overall, the testers awarded nine times the Note satisfactory, including “myChoco” (1,,5/100g), and once “ enough” (Godiva Milk Chocolate 6,95/100g) . This Board is not heavily loaded in Nickel, what health is, however, harmful.

Tax is not good. These chocolate cuts on the worst abFoto: Stiftung Warentest / Ralph Kaiser

Herbal, and misleading illustrations

Long traces of mineral oil were a Problem with chocolate. Now the tester will attest that the manufacturers have the Problem now “in the grip”. No chocolate significantly with plant protection products or the pollutant cadmium loaded. In individual cases, the Tester criticize a herbal-like foreign stars in taste, or a misleading illustration of a vanilla pod on the packaging, although only the flavoring Vanillin is used. Vanilla pods or extracts are also on some lists of ingredients, but actually, the chocolate contains then at most only traces of it, so the Tester.