Without the principle of performance and counter-performance. The Problem is not unwilling unemployed, there is a lack of support.

and: workers of the Federal employment Agency in Leipzig, snow-photo: Reuters

Who has lived for several years in a community-based residential project, is familiar with the Emergence of the Sanctions regime – without the state and Hartz IV. partakers of, who refused obstinately to fill the fridge, to clean the toilet or the garbage down the drive, sooner or later, were so unpopular that the Rest wanted to get rid of it.

Even among people who are committed to practical solidarity, wild, has, the solidarity principle, only if the performance and counter-performance are reasonably consistent. It is also experiences like these that have brought me to the view that the possibility of a sanction is as a last resort, not only practical, but also necessary. Therefore, those who want to abolish sanctions need to find a replacement, the principle of Solidarity.

the basic security for the unemployed is not left WG. A social state, the basis of which the inviolable human dignity, must ensure the minimum subsistence level, to force without some Form of obedience. In a groundbreaking judgment, the Federal constitutional court stated in 1967: “It is not the task of the state to educate its citizens through coercive measures such as compulsory labor (…) and to be better.” Thus, the court concluded the then-existing practice, so-called vagrants in work houses, literally.

the majority of The German social legislation of the past 50 years was the shift from paternalistic systems of Care to a human rights-based participation orientation: The children’s and youth assistance act or the act on Rehabilitation and participation of call by people with disabilities, specifically the development of the personality and self-determination as a primary goal.

The basic security benefits for job-seekers, which was adopted in 2003 by a large majority in Parliament (and against my own voice), and is known today as the “Hartz IV” in contrast, a clear step backwards. As a focal point of criticism and as a Symbol for the return to authority of state action, the sanctions can be clearly identified. Its abolition, has also decided to have my party Alliance 90/The Greens, is seen as the key for the people out of the object status and to bring him a self-acting, free subject.

However, neither the reference to the progressive social laws, nor the demand for the abolition of the sanctions should not blind us to the fact that (almost) every collective System of social security without the principle of performance and counter-performance. That free-rider behaviour, solidarity decomposed, is an anthropological constant, from the stone-age tribe up to the left of the WG as of today.

Many of the job centre know by now: A cooperative relationship is better than a fear of relationship

Therefore, also, the opponent can not get around the inside of sanctions. Written law, claims for assistance will only be accepted in General, if the core of the principle of Solidarity is maintained. Support without counter-performance is not mercy. This is by no means to be despised, but can not be the Basis of the modern welfare state.

How is search without sanctions, an active work or to reach work? Succinctly, the Proponents refer to a “condition of homelessness” on incentives such as better earning additional income. Some of the ALG2-Related like the rich. However, to the needs and possibilities of the really long-term unemployed and this is: people who have not experienced for a long time self-efficacy and financial independence, especially the Chance to have the ability to act through genuine participation and massive support.

facilitating and promoting The engagement is already in the laws, the more Social basic principle, to “help the needy” to Co-producers of social services. The transfer performance is rather secondary – more important is the Empowerment. Unfortunately, the definition and understanding of participation through the practice of some social services have suffered.

in the Meantime, however, in many job centers, the recognition that a cooperative relationship leads to better results than a fear of relationship. This is recognised in the debate about sanctions is all too rare. Anyone who thinks that the job center office, and particularly a dark realm of humiliation and arbitrariness, does to the many dedicated employees there illegally, which their clients are quite important and the only really friendly integration agreements want.

What is complained of this large part of the case managers, are less unwilling unemployed rather than the lack of possibilities to be able to comprehensive as well as long-term support. So, for example, a multi-year training and annual maintenance payments instead of a tepid job application training. If we assume that no man is born as a passive block, it means the real facilitation of opportunities as well as the possibility for the provision of the consideration for the solidarity of many others.

Because one may not happen in the case of a removal of sanctions: That the slips social state in the absence of acceptance of a crisis of Legitimacy. This is why it is also of Central importance to the principle of needs-based justice and needs-testing.

in addition to the solidarity principle, this is the second cornerstone for a System of livelihood. Who is confused but the social state principle with the serving of free beer, does exactly the opposite of what is actually the intention: The social cohesion is weakened instead of strengthened!