The Hamburg musicians from Revolverheld have canceled their arena tour for 2023 because of Corona.

Revolverheld are currently back on stage, but the band from Hamburg has to deliver “sad news” to their fans. In a video that the musicians published on Instagram, among other things, singer Johannes Strate (42) explains: “Unfortunately, we have to cancel the tour at the beginning of 2023.”

It’s totally crazy, but you’ve consulted with a number of people and “no one can guarantee at the moment, as sad as it is, that culture can take place for the third winter in a row,” explains the singer. One fears the worst for the winter and cannot hold on to the tour with a clear conscience. That’s why the band has to pull the ripcord early on.

“I could throw up and cry at the same time, but unfortunately there’s no way around it,” the disappointed musician lets the fans know. The band is now looking forward to the next shows this year and the singer can promise that the team is already working on “making next summer as big as possible”. News about several new dates will follow soon.

Tickets can be returned

In the posting, a longer text also explains that the tickets for the arena tour for their album “Retelling New” “will of course be returned where you bought them and you will get your money back”. The band concludes: “Unfortunately, we probably won’t be the only ones who have to react. Our entire industry is obviously suffering from Long Covid at the moment. In the end, safety and health come first and we want to guarantee them, but we can unfortunately not without the backing of politicians.”

The “New Stories” tour should start on January 24th in Leipzig, with further dates in Cologne, Munich and Berlin, among others. A final concert in Hamburg was planned for February 16th.