Yle has acquired rally for the MM-series of performance rights for the next two seasons, and option two the following season.Toyota Jari-Matti Latvala is one of the WORLD series of Finnish drivers. Vesa Pöppönen / All Over Press

Rally championships-the series consists of 14 races in the year 2019. Yle to present a series of widely TV2 and Yle Areena. The first races take place traditionally in January in Monte Carlo, and the series ends in November arrived in the Australian rally.

at the beginning of August to drive the Jyväskylä grand prix is the Finnish view, one of the most interesting sports events. It brings Central Finland gravel road for hundreds of thousands of species of friends.

– the Rally is finns would say traditional and especially young people interested in the species, which supplements an excellent way yle’s sports supply. The series run for many possible future Finnish world champions, new stars and more experienced performers. The right to acquire by, we have ensured that the rally people follow your favorite species to freely look at the independent channel, said Yle Sport chief Panu Pokkinen .

the 2018 world cup series attended by representatives of five Finnish driver, and world champion Tommi Mäkinen led garage trophy championship.

I Am very pleased. Decent TV-visibility is rally important, especially now when Finnish is the MM series with again a lot, Tommi Mäkinen rejoices.

Yle and WRC:no agreement signed a model 2+2 years, in which the parties can in the first two years after confirmation of the renewal option for two additional years. Yle presented the rally of the world series last year 2006.

Source: the Bulletin