over the weekend saw a british antiques shop to be called for with both the picture and the video of the police in New York city. Fortunately not for anything criminal – but for something very, very unfortunate.

last week was John Drennan and Daniella Anthony have been together for 10 years. While she took the pictures out over a lake in the middle of Central Park, he sat down Friday, down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him.

She said yes. It writes the New York Times.

After frieret was well and truly over, the couple took out to eat, before they saw a show at Radio City Music Hall. All the while bar 34-year-old Daniella Anthony his new ring on his finger.

Meb as the pair arrived to Times Square to go back to their hotel, it went wrong.

the Ring, which was a little too big, slipped of the finger. It bounced a few times on the pavement before it rolled away and disappeared into the darkness below through a grate.

the 36-year-old John Drennan and lay the same down on the pavement in an attempt to find the ring again, and several passers-by stopped to help.

But nothing helped.

the Couple turned to a policeman, who came over, and told him what had happened. But after an hour of the time selected the pair to abandon the chase after the ring and left the site – without having given their names to the officer.

It stopped, however, not the police in trying to find the ring anyway. Several cops were involved, both from the Emergency Service Unit and their Special Operation Saturday morning at 10:30 could the ushers announce that the mission had succeeded.

the Ring was found.

But since they did not have the names of the unfortunate few, they chose to avail themselves of more modern methods and advertise them on Twitter.

‘Our officers rescued the ring and would like to return it to the happy couple. Help us to find them’, said Saturday in a tweet, which ended with both being hailed and shared thousands of times.

from there it went quickly.

the Pair had actually thought that they would keep it a secret, that they had lost the ring, and then the day after went back to England, they bought a new ring. A short time after John Drennan a message from a friend who had seen efterlysningen and asked him: ‘Is this right?’

“We were absolutely ecstatic. We couldn’t believe it,” he says to the New York Times about the discovery of the ring.

“I thought it was lost forever,” says Daniella Anthony.

the Pair are now planning to return the ring, and have found the ring properly adapted to Daniellas finger, so that the same will not be repeated, once they have received it from the police.

The money they get back from the nykøbte ring, they will use to travel back to New York and ‘provide a place’ to all the officers who helped to find the ring.