The so-called objection solution would significantly increase the number of organ donations. Two years ago, however, the Bundestag spoke out against it. Is there a new start?

According to a report, the CSU health politician Stephan Pilsinger has rejected a new attempt at a contradiction solution for organ donations.

“Saying nothing cannot be consent,” Pilsinger told the editorial network Germany (RND). He rejected a corresponding initiative by Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD). “If Karl Lauterbach wants to vote again on the contradiction solution in the Bundestag, I will again advocate the establishment of an intergroup to obtain the decision-making solution,” he announced.

The objection solution stipulates that everyone who does not expressly object is in principle an organ donor. In 2020, however, the Bundestag did not decide on this approach, which Lauterbach had already supported at the time, but on the extended approval solution. It means that an organ donor must have given their consent during their lifetime, or their next of kin must give their consent in the event of death – but citizens should be actively informed about this at the ID card offices and be able to register in an online register. But the start of the register has been delayed.

Lauterbach had recently announced that it wanted to make a new attempt at a contradiction solution. “I think we’ve tried a lot now, but it didn’t really work. There has been no improvement for the people who need an organ, »he told the ARD capital studio and was optimistic that a majority would be found in the Bundestag.

Pilsinger, on the other hand, considers a renewed debate about a contradiction solution to be premature, as he told the RND. Improvements that have already been decided, such as the digital organ donation register, have not yet been implemented due to the Corona crisis.