A small study 19 years ago said stone pine had a health-promoting effect. Since then, the popularity of the wood has increased. About the magic of the stone pine in the mountains and the bedroom. Catherine Wissmann

He stands on the ledge like a king of the forest: a tree with a meter-thick trunk and deep furrows, marked by the weather. Its branches go back and forth, through the dense needlework the three-thousanders of the Reichenspitze Group can only be guessed at. Its roots clutch the rock; they don’t seem to need much soil.

“Anyone who survives at 2,000 meters is a natural fighter,” says Maria Egger. The mountain guide is in the Wildgerlostal in the Zillertal Alps and is approaching the battle zone of the mountains, the end of the vegetation. From here, spruce and larch give way to a tree that snow, storm or sun can only do little to harm, the pine.