Boom on the transatlantic routes: Lufthansa is recording a large number of bookings to its destinations in the United States and Canada. The increased demand has an impact on ticket prices.

Lufthansa is recovering from the Covid pandemic faster than expected. “We are seeing very strong numbers,” especially on the North America routes,” said Carsten Spohr, head of Lufthansa, on Thursday at the Aviation Club of Washington in the US capital.

“I think in the summer season, to be honest, we’re already fully booked anyway.” Lufthansa has increased the number of destinations it flies to in the USA to 25 – more than before the crisis. According to Spohr, Lufthansa’s most expensive ticket currently costs $24,000 (€22,650) – for a first-class flight from San Francisco to Frankfurt and back. Even these tickets are currently sold out.

Spohr said passengers no longer viewed airlines as a “bankrupt industry” following their heavy losses due to the pandemic. Instead, questions such as punctuality and reliability are now the focus again.

“For me, it was the Easter holidays that brought about the change from too many resources for too few passengers to suddenly too many passengers for too few resources.” The aviation industry must therefore advertise for workers with a wide variety of qualifications. “Let’s spread the word about how exciting it is to work in this industry.”

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