The canadian actress Rachel McAdams born in the spring of the son, but only now is it going up for both her fans and the press, that she had even been pregnant.

she managed to keep the pregnancy a secret.

she reveals herself in an interview with The Times newspaper.

movie star, who is known from movies like ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Mean Girls’, cherish much about his personal life.

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And although there were rumors that she was pregnant, there was no one who certainly knew that it actually was the case.

Before now, where she herself confirms that she – at the age of 40 – became a mother for the first time in april.

Together with her boyfriend Jamie Linden, she was a little boy.

“I want to protect his privacy, although I’m a public person. At the same time I have the better as a mother than I ever had. Everything about it is interesting and exciting and not the least inspiring,” she says and continues:

“Even the tough days, I see as glorious.”

She also explains that it was fully aware that she not become a mother before. She would not have a child, before she even felt the time was right.

“People say that life is never your own. But I’ve just had myself to think in 39 years. I was tired of myself. I was so happy to be able to focus on another person. I have been waiting a long time to become a mother,” she says.

Maybe not so surprising, she wishes not to reveal what the son says.