“the myth of the Schalke” is in big letters on the T-Shirt of Shun You Lau. He sits gleaming in the tenth floor of a skyscraper in Hong Kong, where the German Goethe-Institut on two floors. Shun is a soccer commentator and has a soft spot for the Bundesliga. “It’s the best League”, the Hong Kong-Chinese with a booming voice, “much better than the Premier League!”

in 2001, commented the 41-Year-old for the first time, games in the Bundesliga, in that year, so, as a Schalke 04 celebrated on the last round of four minutes, the title, and then only the “master of hearts” was because the Bayern in the 94. Minute when HSV is still the 1:1 made. Since that historic Saturday in may, Shun is Schalke-Fan.

In the night League runs on the day boning up on Shun English

At the Goethe-Institut learns to Shun You for seven years of English, once a week, he attended the C1 course for Advanced students. Not because he has to, but out of professional ambition: “I would like to read the German sports news better and be able to understand.” After, or even before a stressful day at work (League games mostly run in the Hong Kong night) a few hours of German Buffalo? “No Problem,” says Shun with a wide Grin. Albert Linner Schalke Fan, You Shun Lau

Shun is in Hong Kong is by no means the exception but rather the rule. Adult education has in the Chinese special administrative zone economy. The majority of the workers is constantly evolving, professionals extend and deepen their knowledge in part, your whole professional life. Much more than is the case in Germany.

The Vocational Training Council (VTC) is not the only one, but the biggest provider for vocational and further training. Around 250,000 certificates from the VTC each year, so an average for each 30. Hong Kong – every year. FOCUS Online 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

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With the “Continuing Education Fund” (CEF) promotes the Hong Kong government, adult education, and also financially. In this promotion all have a fixed residence in Hong Kong and aged between 18 and 65 years of age. Is paid but only if the language course or the training seminar was passed. An additional Motivation is that most do not need. The training Fund is a model for success. Recently, the government doubled the funding from 5000 to 10,000 Hong Kong dollars per capita, or about 1100 Euro.

Older duel in Hong Kong jobs

and not just for career starters or career-driven workers want to be next to the Job to qualify. Also in Hong Kong, the demo has used a graphical change for a long time, in the aging society, the competition for the best jobs among the Older as well. Albert Linner In an interview with German students during an advanced course at the Hong Kong Goethe-Institut

Even in the pension age, the urge not to tear off after training. Lutz-Christian Wolff, German law Professor at the prestigious Chinese University of Hong Kong, is also the Dean of the graduate school its Department. “Lifelong Learning is a large topic in Hong Kong, it is also propagated by our University.” Be dentist’m 63 years before Retirement, now wants to take law courses, says Wolff. “He sits in various committees, has much to do with legal issues and now considering a law degree.”

This could also be a Master of one or two years, but the willingness is, in any case, even in advanced age is not Unusual. “It doesn’t exist in the West. Here it is the system and culture is immanent,“ says Wolff, who lives since over 20 years in Hong Kong and teaches.

the Low-paid household helper educational miracle possible

Various factors, not just the long working hours of many Hong Kong Chinese, but also the most time-consuming continuing education, not to facilitate it. For example, tens of thousands of household helpers, the Hong Kong government brings targeted mainly from Indonesia or Malaysia into the country and take in many families, in addition to the household, the upbringing of children.

That many of these “domestic life helpers” in precarious conditions and Hong Kong within a few days to leave, as soon as you do not have employment more, is one of the downsides of this strategy of the government. However, even among the poorly paid domestic helpers, it is common, in addition to the Job training.

Susala from Indonesia, for instance, English takes on your only free day, hours, visited on Sunday mornings two hours of free course. “I take care of two small children in a household in which Chinese and English is spoken. Because that helps a lot,“ says the 28-Year-old. “I also hope to be able to as a teacher work, when I’m back in Indonesia.” All of the stories from Hong Kong:

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