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I will end with corruption and impunity, which impede the development of Mexico


The Government of Mexico supports 37.485 official cases of desaparecidosDesaparecidos in Mexico, “a tragedy against humanity”Three years of the case Ayotzinapa and Mexico are still wondering what happened to the 43 students

Andrés Manuel López Obrador , known by his initials AMLO, was sworn in today as the new president of Mexico, a position he will occupy over the next six years until 2024 . “Begins a change of political regime,” announced the new president during the event of inauguration in which he promised to plunge the country into a period referred to as the “Fourth Transformation” of the country, that is to say, the beginning of a historical moment as they were first the Independence, the Reform, the second; and the Revolution, the third.

“you Will end up with the corruption and impunity that prevent the development of Mexico,” added the veteran politician tabasco, 65 years of age, during the act of investiture. A fight against impunity that will affect all equally: “If my wife and my children commit a crime they will be judged,” she said. And that also extends to the president himself, “that can be tried while still in office.”

During the speech, AMLO announced the creation today of a truth commission to punish the abuses of authority and handle the case of young people missing from Ayotzinapa”. A case that put the international focus to Mexico, and that forced Peña Nieto to put in place a Law for the Missing.

Another of the announcements made was the creation from 1 January 2019, “from a to z one free along the border with the united States, which becomes the largest of all the world. There will be reduced the VAT to 8%, the ISR will drop to 20% and gasoline will cost less than the rest of the country.” As well as the cancellation of the “so-called education reform.” In short, a new political era in which “the poor shall be first.”

The act of investiture, held in the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro, was attended by distinguished personalities such as King Felipe VI, the vice president of the united States Mike Pence , Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro , or the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales .


With a 53,19 % of votes in the presidential election July 1, 2018, AMLO will become the first president of Mexico in more than 90 years that does not belong to the parties PRI or PAN. Your choice, therefore, creates uncertainty because it breaks with the “status quo” in mexican politics in almost a century, to the time we look forward to many facing the possibility of a change. His victory is evidence of the surfeit of mexicans with three topics: corruption, insecurity and poverty. AMLO proposes that it will end with those three problems without explaining clearly how to get it.

Because of the huge support it received in the elections, along with the majority who currently holds their party with Brown in the Senate and in the Chamber of Deputies, López Obrador enjoys a massive capacity and legitimacy to approve measures of deep draft in the country. However, the radical changes of opinion –in a matter of a few hours– as usual in the president generated a deep uncertainty about the direction you will take your government.

throughout his political career, AMLO has been characterized by displaying a strong rhetoric against imperialism, which in recent years has been atemperando. Since winning the elections, has assured that you want to maintain excellent relations with Donald Trump , the president of the united States, and has tried to reassure the markets by repeating again and again that support businesses and large employers in Mexico. Equally, it has focused for years his political career in defense of the poor, given that in Mexico there are 53.4 million people in poverty, 43.6% of its population.

The inauguration of AMLO puts an end to the six-year period of Enrique Peña Nieto president since 2012, a contractor that has not fulfilled its aim of creating a profound change in the country. The administration of CPF closes with more of 122.300 killings, the presidential term most violent of Mexico, with close to 2,000 murders a month.