US-coalition has directed an attack against a leading jihadist, there must have been behind the killing of western hostages.

A senior member of the Islamic State, which was involved in the beheading of the american hjælpearbejder Peter Kassig and other western hostages, has been killed.

It was stated by a spokesman for the amerikanskledede coalition fighting against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

The killed islamist, Abu al-Umarayn, was, together with several other members of the Islamic State targets for a amerikanskledet air strikes in a desert area in the south-east Syria on Sunday.

– Al-Umarayn had shown signs that pose an immediate threat to coalition forces, says coalition spokesman, Sean Ryan.

the IS-the manager was involved in the killing of Peter Kassig in november 2014. Kassig was captured in Syria in 2013, where he did volunteer relief work in the country.

Coalition spokesman says that al-Umarayn also has been involved in the assassination of several other hostages.