Secretly recorded conversation published icelandic media stund the country’s independence 100 years celebration week.Opposition politicians bar conversation recording restaurant client who was paying attention to stuff tone. The image of the country’s ex-prime minister and ex-foreign minister , MOSTPHOTOS/AOP

on Tuesday 20. November iceland’s parliament house in the middle of the bar was in the thick atmosphere.

the evening of sat the country’s ex-prime minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson , 44, and ex-foreign minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson , 50, and two other members. At the bar were joined by two more icelandic politician. There are also one woman.

One of the bar guests pay attention to well-known politicians to debate and decide to put (apparently his cell phone) to record on. Later, he submitted the recordings Stund-release. The scandal was ready.

”feminist man”

the Panama papers-stir in draggled centre-right party, the progress party, the former chairman and the country’s ex-prime minister Gunnlaugsson is one of the policy significant feminist man.

This view was the economic newspaper, the Financial Times three years ago, when it had recorded Gunnlaugssonin activities of the UN They or She-the gender equality campaign.

the Panamanian securities scandal, Gunnlaugsson resigned two years ago, the progress party and founded the new party. He was elected to parliament in last year’s elections.

at the Bar of politics distinguished from feminist to hear the second half.

the case table and the men put female colleagues lined up charm and other, non-professional gifts based on.

Speeches were also evaluated women’s mental health and intelligence (or lack of).

#metoo-the shop got an earful.

minister of Education Lily Alfreðsdóttirin , 45, sexual attraction was assessed in a versatile and against her prospect was some sort of conspiracy.

Who the fuck that bitch think she is, fuck that bitch, I heard on the recording.

a gay joke, rape..

Former foreign minister, current member of parliament and Gunnlaugssonin party comrades Sveinsson was he in the bar flap-throwing mood.

on that Tape he told a crude joke of some islandic poptähdestä, because this is a homosexual.

Sveinsson argues, apparently in jest, that one of parliament women member has tried to rape her.

pienpuolue director Inga Sæland , 59, is evaluated in turn, ”the rage of a crazy bitch” .

conversation in a Bar, the core foursome has apologized for what happened. Representative Sveinsson has also announced that he will resign from his position speech due to their.