Invest in times of inflation? That’s exactly when you should do it, says the author Vreni Frost: “I now say: I’m too poor to leave my money in the account.”

You do not talk about money. Many people in Germany grew up with this principle and often do not question it. But in times of around eight percent inflation, not talking about money – when, for example, the price of “cheap” oil is more than five euros – not only does it not make sense, it is also an impossibility. Despite inflation, you should start dealing with the topic of money right now. At least that’s what the author and podcaster Vreni Frost thinks in the 292nd episode of “Today Important”: “I now say: I’m too poor to leave my money in the account. Because if we leave our money in the savings account , inflation will make it less. That’s a fact.”

No amount too small, no time too late

No sum is too small, no point in time too late, says Vreni Frost. With this knowledge, she draws on her own experience: “I, who used to just scrape past the Schufa entry, would never have thought that I would ever deal with finances. And if I can do it, really anyone can do it. ” So the title of her new book “Coin Stress” can be taken literally. Because the most important thing for Vreni Frost is not to have any stress with investments: “I was always told: Vreni, you don’t care, you’re slipping into poverty in old age. And that stressed me so much that so many people gave me superficial money advice just to say something. But no one really talks about money!”

Before NFTs and stocks, think about the nest egg

Frost would like to do things differently and therefore gives tips in the morning podcast on how to invest even the smallest sums sensibly. The most important thing is the nest egg – or “fuck it fund”, as she calls it: “It should be in the account before you start investing, because it ensures that you don’t fall flat on your face when For example, the washing machine breaks down.” What if it’s there? Then you can and should concentrate on your strengths and interests. Vreni Frost, for example, likes to invest in art and vintage handbags – and in sensible insurance: “I invested the best money in myself and in my health.”

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