This is a postcard as it now has the secret. Visit Athens, the former socialist president François Hollande has set this Thursday a “European front”, the more effective, structured around a hard core consisting of France and Germany. He took advantage of his screed to drag a couple of observations implied on the movement of the yellow vests and the way is preparing his successor, Emmanuel Macron.

in Front of an audience of French-speaking young people gathered at the French Institute, the former head of the State noted that the system of unanimous voting in the european Union “the fact that Europe at 27 is more difficult to lead and govern,” even though “globalization leads by its excesses and injustices, a return to the nations” and nationalism.

“A new approach”

Calling for six months of the european elections, not to commit “the mistake” of trying to redo a large european treaty, he felt that there must be “to 27 new priorities are set,” including on the ecological, the technological industries, GAFA, migration, or security.

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“But I’m not sure that we shall manage to convince the 27”, he added. This is why, according to him, “it will take a new approach to keep the 27-member eu, but also to build a ‘Europe of the front’, who would want to go much further and on a voluntary basis”.

common Goals

such A device goes “through an agreement between France and Germany at least in a first step”, on their common goals, “and once that is made clear it is necessary to associate with the same method of the country who want to create this Europe forward”. He predicted that they “will not be so many”, but that Greece will be a part of.

It will then “major topics, ecology and the environment on which it is necessary to do a lot more than the 27, the industries of the future, then the convergence of social, tax harmonisations, and finally, if we can make a common defence for Europe in a few countries,” hopes François Hollande. And to add : “This is how we will give back the breath and hope.”

“Comparisons” with Macron

Asked about what had changed since his departure from the Elysee, and on his renewed popularity, the ex-boss of the PS has been estimated that “Europe was halted with the rise of populism and the return of selfishness, the election of Trump is not indifferent to this movement.”

“The French can be more looked at my results,” “considering, no doubt differently that I had called on the presidency to normal, or rather human”, “and on tax justice, the comparisons have been able to play,” said the former president, reserving, however, to attack frontally its successor, Emmanuel Macron.

François Hollande has also given its opinion, in the streets of Athens, on the French current events, including the movement of the yellow vests, and on the way in which he should respond.

“That there was discontent, that there is anger, there are events, it’s part of the freedom, it’s part of the expression that a people can have. But what is the responsibility of the political organizations, (…) it is to provide them an outlet,” said the former president.

“Don’t make the lesson”

later, François Hollande was interviewed by BFMTV in the topic of the tv interview granted Wednesday by Emmanuel Macron to TF1 on board the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle. “The French, I think that it is not necessary to make the lesson”, he launched without pointing explicitly to the finger his or her successor or the government.

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“we need to give them information, lots of information and explanations, and understand their situation”, writes the former tenant of the Elysée palace, in a possible reference to the mea culpa of Emmanuel Macron, which has recognized that the rulers had to make up more ground in order to reconcile the base with the summit.”