gifts: MediaMarkt sets out to bargain what to MediaMarkt today is already Christmas, because in the current Flyer of all the products worth double. Each action product it is a gift. What, exactly, depends on the Sch├Ąppchen. The promotion is valid in all 275 MediaMarkt stores and, of course, in the Online Shop. best buy: secure each Sch├Ąppchen a gift Samsung 65-inch QLED TV + Galaxy S9 as a gift To the 65-inch OLED TV, you get a Samsung Galaxy S9 as a gift. MediaMarkt At the TV you have to think big, especially when it comes to new purchases. The 65-inch OLED TV from Samsung brings 4K support, HDR, UHD Dimming, records on a USB hard drive and offers a lot of interfaces. The called 1.799 Euro is currently the best price for the giant TV. If you spechtet still on a Galaxy S9 with 64 GByte memory space, you should go for it, because the MediaMarkt to submit to the TV purchase. Our evaluation Alone the price of the TV is 400 Euro SRP. For this you get a sick-equipped eye-catcher. Who wants to get in on the OLED world, you can do that with the Samsung TV now. And a current peak-to-phone, you may need to always good or easy gift giving.

To the offer at MediaMarkt: 65-inch OLED TV plus Galaxy S9 Take it 2 Canon Ixus 185 Digicams, number 1 When buying a Canon Ixus 185 there is the same model as a gift. MediaMarkt Clear you can take pictures with most of the Smartphones beautiful pictures, but who is interested in a Digicam, estimates that most robustness and ease of operation. The Canon IXUS 185 provides that and will continue what have started their ancestors many years ago. With it, you achieve a strong photo quality without the need of special. The internal values also, 20 Megapixel resolution, HD Video function and practical automatic functions. Our view: The price of the Canon IXUS 185 88 euros in areas penetrated, in which you can just buy in passing, without having to be afraid that something could be wrong. As you get in the special MediaMarkt action for even the same model in silver once again, one even has a spare camera at the ready. To the offer at MediaMarkt: 2 Canon Ixus for the price of one Acer Aspire 3 buy, 1 TByte hard drive as a gift with the purchase of the Acer laptops, a Backup hard drive free. MediaMarkt, The Acer Aspire 3 is a cheap workhorse. In front of the 15.6 inch Display you can sit without problems for longer, and Windows 10 Home and drives to the Intel Core i3 processor and 4 GB RAM. As a memory, a 256 GB SSD is installed. There is also a Intel HD graphics 620. Those who opt for the Notebook, get an external hard drive from Western Digital with 1 TB of storage space at no additional cost. Our view: In the Test impressed the Acer Aspire 3, especially the Performance, which is top of the class of laptops under 500 Euro. Perfect the Notebook but is not. The Display could be brighter and the USB Type-C would have been cool. Who doesn’t have to be every day with the laptop on the road, still a solid device. The given hard disk you can use, for example, is useful as a Backup Medium. So you do the same thing for the safety. To the offer at media Markt: Acer Aspire 3 plus 1 TB hard drive