Iran has, since 1992, worked to rearm militarily. On Saturday they made a huge step in the connection, as they launched a new modern warship: Destoryeren Sahand.

According to the state-owned iranian tv is the ship, as called out in The Persian Gulf, built in Iran and is packed with modern technology. In addition, the ship can be on water for up to five months without needing new fuel.

Photo: PR

the Ship, which is named after a mountain in northern Iran, was presented to a larger cermoni, where the ship was part of the port of Bandar Abbas. It has a helicopter landing site, ground-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft guns and an advanced radar system. In addition, should the iranians have used many resources to avoid the ship shows up on other countries ‘ radars.

Iran wants probably to strengthen its military image in the midst of the rise of tensions in the conflict with the UNITED states. In november reintroduced Trump a variety of penalties, which was repealed back in 2015 in connection with the atomaftalen with a number of other nations.

Iran unveiled its first destroyer in 2010 and supposedly have five more. It has supposedly also produced combat aircraft, tanks, missiles and submarines.