Olaf Scholz’s appearance at the Catholic Day subsequently caused a stir. The Chancellor’s speech had been interrupted by protesters. Climate activist Luisa Neubauer was outraged by Scholz’s reaction to this.

Serious allegations by climate activist Luisa Neubauer against Olaf Scholz: The Federal Chancellor compared “climate activists with Nazis”, claims Neubauer. In doing so, he relativized the Nazi regime, “and in a paradoxical way the climate crisis as well,” she tweeted on Sunday evening. “He stylizes climate protection as an ideology with parallels to the Nazi regime. In 2022. Jesus. That’s such a scandal.”

Neubauer criticizes statements by Olaf Scholz at the Kirchentag

With her accusation, Neubauer reacted to the chancellor’s appearance at the Kirchentag in Stuttgart last Friday, which was disturbed by several activists. An activist had tried to storm the stage during the appearance of the SPD politician, but was prevented from doing so by security forces and led away. Another activist shouted “bullshit” when Scholz was talking about phasing out coal-fired power generation and the jobs that would be lost in opencast mining as a result.

Scholz had criticized the heckling with reference to targeted disruptive actions in the past, but did not draw a direct Nazi comparison. His words could also be understood as an allusion to the demolition of events by radicalized student groups in the 1970s. He had experienced their late days himself.

“I’ll be honest, these black-clad stagings at various events, always by the same people, remind me of a long time ago, and thank God,” the Chancellor commented on the protest. This also includes an “acting practiced appearance, in which one always stages oneself”.

“I’ve also been to events, there were five people, dressed the same, everyone had a practiced posture, and (they) do it again every time,” explained Scholz. “It’s not participatory in a discussion, it’s an attempt to manipulate events for your own purposes, you shouldn’t do that.” Scholz received thunderous applause for his statements.