Pizza loves Shanti Prasad almost more than her groom. But because he would also like to eat something else, the bride signed a pizza limit at the wedding.

Like many others, Shanti Prasad loves pizza. But that’s actually an understatement in the case of the 24-year-old Indian woman, her friends describe her as a real “pizza freak”. Her passion even goes so far that her husband is overwhelmed by it. Prasad therefore had to sign a prenuptial agreement for her wedding, which stipulates, among other things, that the couple will eat pizza “only once a month”.

Shanti Prasad and her husband Mintu Rai signed the not-so-serious contract at their wedding ceremony in the Indian state of Assam – to laughter and applause from friends and family. Her story is now well known in India, with a video of the scene being viewed 45 million times on social media, according to the BBC.

On the first date, of course, there was pizza

But what was behind the unusual deal? In any case, it is not the husband’s fear that his wife might gain too much weight. Groom Mintu Rai would still like to eat a little more variety, while his wife could just eat pizza every day – and apparently sometimes does.

The couple met at university five years ago. On the first date, of course, we went to a pizzeria: “I knew that I had to go eat pizza with her because she only ever talked about pizza,” Rai remembers. It shouldn’t have been the last meeting of this kind. “On dates, I always said, ‘Let’s go eat pizza,'” admits Prasad. At some point it became too much for her then boyfriend and now husband: “I like pizza too, but I can’t eat it every day.”

The bride takes it with humor

The contract seems to be necessary if Rai wants to eat other dishes during the marriage. Among friends, Prasad’s enthusiasm for pizza has long been a running gag, as has her husband’s dissatisfaction. “Her love for pizza is matched only by her love for Mintu,” says a friend of her. “I think she even dreams of pizza.” This gave rise to the idea of ​​having the couple sign such an agreement at their wedding. The bride took the action with humor – and apparently doesn’t quite stick to it either: “In the first two weeks since the wedding, we’ve eaten pizza twice.”

Sources: BBC / Wedlock photography on Instagram

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