Tomorrow evening, after a long Corona break, the most important industrial show in the world will open. The situation: a mixed situation that is still critical, but which also shows positive developments.

From the point of view of the German electrical and digital industry, the war and crisis risks for the global economy must be an additional incentive to push ahead with the climate-friendly restructuring of the industry more energetically.

Shortly before the Hanover Fair, the President of the ZVEI Association, Gunther Kegel, sees a situation that is still critical, but which also shows positive developments. “With a view to Corona, we can hopefully get through next autumn in Europe without having to impose lockdowns again,” he told the German Press Agency. Kegel is head of the Exhibitors’ Advisory Board at the trade fair, which takes place from May 30th to June 2nd.

“It’s different in China: there are signs that the zero-Covid strategy is failing,” warned the entrepreneur. “The shutdown in Shanghai, which lasted several weeks, will send a shock through the world’s supply chains, the consequences of which we will only see in six to eight weeks.” Kegel believes: “There’s still something coming our way.”

The manufacturers of electrical and digital technology and electronics are actually in a good position because many of their products are tailored to the major issues of renewable energies, CO2 reduction, digitization and energy efficiency. A faster shift towards renewables will support demand overall, said Kegel. “Therefore, we believe that we can stick to our forecast of growth of 4 percent this year.”

The world’s most important industrial show opens on Sunday evening. After a cancellation in 2020 due to the pandemic and an online edition in 2021, it has been shortened and lasts until Thursday.