A court has issued a restraining order against Ricky Martin. The singer speaks of “completely false” allegations.

According to media reports, a Puerto Rican court has issued an injunction against Ricky Martin (50). According to Martin’s representatives, however, the allegations against the singer are not true.

Police have confirmed, according to Telemundo Puerto Rico television, that an order had been issued against Martin in connection with a domestic violence law. However, no complaint was received by the authorities. An unspecified person contacted the court directly.

Searching for the “true facts”

“The allegations against Ricky Martin, which led to a protection order, are completely false and fabricated,” officials of the 50-year-old told the US magazine “People”. We are “very confident that our client […] will be fully exonerated when the true facts of this matter come to light.”

The Martins team of lawyers also made a corresponding statement to Telemundo. Exact details are not known at the moment. For example, it is not clear what is supposed to have happened and what exactly the allegations are. Police have told the Associated Press that Martin is now barred from contacting the person. A court should decide at a later date whether the order should remain in place.