Instagram releases a new feature that allows users to use their Stories only with good friends can share. So only people that the user selected are the story.

The social fotonetwerk Instagram announced the option to Close Friends on Friday at an event from TechCrunch. Users can in a list to indicate who their best friends are, so that no other Stories get to see.

Instagram Stories are usually visible to everyone, also for non-followers. With Close Friends, users get more control over who can and can not watch. So they can, for example, certain friends, but their boss out.

According to Instagram ceo Robby Stein is one way to “be yourself and allow oneself to be seen” on the app. “If you are followed by people you don’t know, go you better think about what you should or should not share. That would slow you down in the sharing of information with really good friends.”

The function is in the coming days globally rolled out on Android and iOS.