interval is fast becoming more and more popular. It is a Trend on the diet market. But the method is better than other diets? The wanted to know an international team of researchers now, and have studied the strategy to weight loss. result: interval fasting helps with weight loss and has a positive effect on health. Better than other low-calorie weight-loss methods, the Trend of diet in this regard is not, however, say scientists from the German cancer research center in Heidelberg, compared to the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”.

for all those wanting to lose weight: Who wants to lose weight, it is even required. Everyone must choose for themselves the appropriate method – and get started.

How interval works fast?

The interval of fasting, there are virtually no rules with regard to the food – except: It must be inserted in between breaks. It is possible, for example, to eat only eight hours of the day and the remaining 16 to fasting (8:16). Alternatively, you can eat five days a week, normal and two days of largely starve, that is, to take no more than about 500 calories (5:2 method).