Targeted disinformation campaigns keep flooding the internet. Some are organized by the state, for example from Russia. The Interior Minister now wants to explore strategies against this with her counterparts.

In the fight against disinformation campaigns, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faser (SPD) spoke out in favor of teaching more media skills.

Faeser said at the beginning of a meeting of the German-speaking interior ministers on Tuesday in Königstein, Hesse, that she wanted to discuss with her counterparts what could be done together to protect the population from the effects. It is also about the question of what is state-controlled, for example from Russia.

Due to the war of aggression against Ukraine, cyber security is also a focus. In addition, the meeting will deal with high energy prices and cross-border police agreements. Ministers from Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland will meet with Faeser in Königstein on Tuesday.

On the subject of illegal migration, the German interior minister said that she wanted to achieve European solutions. In this respect, the meeting in Königstein also serves to prepare for the meeting of EU interior ministers on June 10 in Luxembourg. Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn said there must be a European solution to the migration issue. A person’s skin color or religion shouldn’t make a difference. The topic should not be dragged out for another decade.