It’s the first thing iPhone users see – the lock screen. And with iOS 16, it can finally do a lot more than just display notifications and the time.

As expected, Apple presented a new version of iOS at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). iOS 16 will be available for many iPhones in autumn and will bring numerous new functions with it.

iOS 16: information at first glance

Basically, nothing changes in the system, the appearance remains identical to version 16. But: The previously neglected lock screen, a hodgepodge of notifications and the display of the time, is changing radically.

Because the first picture that every iPhone user sees when looking at the device can finally be adjusted. This begins with the choice of font, color and style of the time. In addition, the images can be changed automatically if you create a corresponding album. So instead of a rigid, always the same display of an image including the time, the smartphone comes to life in the upper area of ​​the lock screen.

The most important change is probably the widgets, which can now also be displayed and used on the lock screen. And here there are no limits to the ideas – as long as the developers adapt their apps.

In addition to information from the calendar, the weather forecast or the display of several time zones, it is therefore also possible, for example, to display the remaining waiting time for a taxi that has been ordered or the current status of a soccer game in progress.

Such “live activities”, as Apple calls the function, completely replace unlocking the iPhone, opening an app and, if in doubt, navigating to the desired information. This creates real added value on the iPhone.

iOS 16 can retrieve messages

There are also many innovations for the message app: Messages that have already been sent can be edited afterwards, and accidental texts can even be retrieved entirely. Anyone who likes to watch films together without being together can now do so directly in iMessages thanks to the improved “Share Play”.

The dictation function has been improved with iOS 16, it now automatically recognizes and sets punctuation marks, the keyboard remains visible even during dictation, making it easier to intervene in the text.

iOS 16 revised Carplay, fitness tracking also with the iPhone

2023 will be a big one for drivers – because then the first cars will benefit from iOS 16 and a completely overhauled Carplay. The iPhone will then be able to access vehicle information and control all screens. That means: Digital speedometers can be individualized with Carplay, the iPhone becomes the control center for the car.

However, athletes who want to walk or even run for the sake of health can also look forward to it: Because some functions of the fitness app, which can only be found on the Apple Watch so far, are coming to smartphones. Of course, an iPhone can’t collect the same data as a watch on your wrist, but it’s enough for steps and calorie consumption.

More security, more interaction

As far as the photos app is concerned, iOS 16 has the option of creating shared photo albums that can be filled with up to six people. Above all, this should make it easier to share the pictures, because when you take a photo you can already determine in which album the picture should end up.

The camera itself also gets new features, such as an expansion of the popular “visual lookup” function. With iOS 16, the iPhone is able to recognize birds, insects and monuments. The star explains how this works in this article. The Live Text feature, which allows highlighting text from images, will soon be able to translate languages ​​and filter text from videos.

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With a new function called Safety Check, it will also be possible with iOS 16 to save yourself from tricky situations, for example if you want to deny people access to certain information, such as their location, as quickly as possible. Apple cited escaping abusive relationships as an example.

iOS 16 will appear in a first beta version for the public in the coming month. The release of the final version is expected in September, when Apple has presented the iPhone 14.