at Jerusalem

The israeli army announced early on Tuesday, having launched on its border with Lebanon, a vast operation called “Shield of the North” to destroy tunnels dug by Hezbollah, the militia lebanese pro-iranian. “Israel is aware of the existence of a number of tunnels crossing the northern border of the jewish State from Lebanon,” said colonel Jonathan Conricus, spokesperson of the army. He said that the Idf would operate only on its territory. But the israeli army, which has sealed off several areas, preparing “various scenarios” in case of escalation with the militia of shiite especially powerful in the south of Lebanon. Israel has also accused the lebanese armed forces will not be able to control the region.

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These underground that would not be able to be used have been updated so that the inhabitants israelis were surprised to see trucks carrying earth from the other side of the international boundary called the “blue line”. Israel suspected the existence of tunnels but the teams are trained to locate them were unable for the moment to discover. A protection wall is being constructed. It could ultimately cover the entire long border 130 km, where all kinds of work of strengthening the defences are made.

“If you dare to attack, you regretteras”

The operation comes at a time when Benjamin Netanyahu met on Monday in Brussels the us secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss the threat, according to him, by the Hezbollah and denounce iran’s activities in Lebanon. The Israelis are convinced that the iranian threat could move from Syria to Lebanon. The change of tactic of the iranian regime would be marked by the transfer of material to make the Lebanon missile accuracy that could threaten in-depth israeli sites in the event of a conflict.

According to the israeli press, the components would be routed smuggled on direct flights linking Tehran to Beirut and not via the roads of syria. The improvement of the offensive capabilities of Hezbollah during the war in Syria and the return home of some combat units is another source of concern in israel. The propaganda war between Israel and the militia and pro-iranian is also heightened with the release this weekend of a video threatening from the Hezbbollah and showing aerial photos of the defense ministry in Tel Aviv with the caption: “If you dare to attack, you regretteras”.