Jana and Thore Schölermann are parents of a little daughter. The birth has also caused changes in the bedroom.

In December 2021, Jana (35) and Thore Schölermann’s (37) daughter Ilvi saw the light of day. Being a parent has also had an impact on the relationship between the two. “We grew further apart because of the child,” reveals the moderator with a laugh in a double interview with “Bunte.de”. “We have separated spatially from each other.” However, this separation only applies to one room – the bedroom.

They got closer emotionally, explains Jana Schölermann. “We want the other to get as much sleep as possible.” That would mean: “He always says […] I should have a nap in peace. I always say: ‘No, you can sleep in the other room so that you can have your peace.'” That’s why “we split up sometimes,” reveals the 35-year-old.

Jana Schölermann raves about her husband

When the moderator sees “how cute he is with the little ones, how he makes her laugh and has fun. In fact, I fell in love with him again.” Thore Schölermann also emphasizes: Everything is “different, but it’s beautiful”.

The two actors and presenters Jana and Thore Schölermann have been married since 2019. They met in 2010 on the set of the ARD soap “Verbotene Liebe”, which was canceled in 2015. Their first child together was born in December 2021.