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Japan could re-count with carrier . Despite the limitations imposed on the country after its defeat in the Second World War in 1945, the Government of japan plans to adjust at least one of its current portaeronaves, which now only operates with helicopters, so that they can land and take off in he fighter planes. In particular, this remodelling would serve as a platform to the hundred of F-35B, according to the economic newspaper “Nikkei”, Japan is going to acquire to the united States to replace their F-15.

The japanese intentions have awakened the suspicions of China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country, has warned that such conversion is not a simple improvement in their capabilities, but that would assume that the ships spend to have a use of self-defense to be focused towards a military expansion, reports “Asia Times”.The controversy is, precisely, a few weeks after the “premier” of Japan, Shinzo Abe , escenificara the reconciliation of their country with China in the first State visit of a representative japanese to their old enemy since 2011. The chinese Ministry warns that the thaw in relations between the two nations may be in danger now.

The Executive Abe plans to include the presence of aircraft carriers in its fleet through the review of its Guidelines the National Defense Program, despite fears that he has woken up to the fact that this type of vessels could violate the principles of pacifism enshrined in the Constitution.Adaptation of buquesSegún revealed last Tuesday the minister of Defence, Takeshi Iwaya , the Executive japanese will pick up on the guidelines for the reform of the ship Izumo , a ship of the japanese Navy of 248 meters of length with capacity for a dozen helicopters, that can carry aircraft, for which it would be necessary to adapt the cover. In addition to the unit that carries that name, the japanese Navy has other portaeronaves of the class, the Izumo, called Kaga. “It is desirable that the Izumo could be used as much as possible for multiple purposes,” said Iwaya in a press conference after a cabinet meeting.

The Government of Japan considers that the vessel reconverted, in which the fighters F-35B americans can take off and land vertically, it is necessary to defend remote japanese islands in the Pacific. Japan would strengthen its presence in that ocean and the coverage of those islands, so that, in the case of air bases that in those waters to defend them from being destroyed, to have an alternative.

constitutional Constraints

however, the decision might clash with the policy of japanese self-defence provided for in the Constitution, which limits the activities of security of the country to the defensive measures. According to the article 9 of the constitutional text emerged from the Second World War, the japanese people renounces war as a sovereign right and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

Previous governments have argued that Japan can not possess “aircraft carrier offensive”, that go beyond the minimum requirements for the self-defense. Given that the aircraft carrier is considered “ air bases mobile ” and can be operated with fighter planes even in maritime zones distant, could be considered “offensive” in and of itself. That is why the current Government prefers to avoid referring to this destroyer, refurbished as an “aircraft carrier”. Questions of the opposition in the Parliament, Iwaya denied that the Government intends to convert the vessel the Izumo an aircraft carrier and that the country might have ships “offensive”. However, he added that the international definition of a carrier “has yet to be fixed”, collects “The Japan Times”.

according To sources close to the Ministry of Defense quoted by the japanese newspaper “Asahi Shimbun”, the Government plans to approve in December the new Guidelines of the National Defense Program, with an indication that says: “The Government will consider the way in which aircraft, such as fighters, can take off and land on ships”. In practice, this will entail re-introduce aircraft carriers in the defense policy of japan.