food – is set to “Airride” and “wide body” (see Tuning to ABC below), how other girls put on lipstick and eye shadow: Johanna Entner (23) is one of the very few women in the Tuning scene. At the exhibition “Essen Motor Show” (since 1.12.) she shows her Power-Cars.

Johanna shows off her tuned Pride: a Nissan Silvia PS 13photo: Dominik Sommerfeld

“I’ve been interested in as a child, for cars, never playing with dolls,” she says. At 17, she took a friend with in the tuning scene: “The cars, the technology! So I was able to identify me. A year later, I bought a Honda CRX del Sol with 125 HP, which was already lower,“ says the industry.

share the passion for Tuning: Johanna and her friend Alex day (23)photo: Dominik Sommerfeld

Alex Bettag (23) shares the passion. The Pair met up in 2017 at the fair. Both give all your money for Tuning. A total of 30,000 Euro has put Johanna in their fast-paced Hobby.

a Pity, she finds that there are hardly any real female Tuner. Your statement: “For this you have to invest a lot of time and money. And the screw is a dirty thing.“

Johanna played as a child with cars instead of dolls. At the exhibition “Essen Motor Show” shows your tuned car photo: Dominik Sommerfeld

What annoys you are the black sheep’ of the scene: “A sensible Tuner would never grass Tempo 120 through the city. What do we do to the cars, and is listed in vehicle registration certificate by the TÜV-auditor.“

If the power woman there is a time for lipstick, styling for photos on the Internet. Johanna laughs: “In our scene a lot is going on at Instagram. Because some guy cares more for me than for my cars.“

Cry for the guys: All flirt landing attempts in the cul-de-SAC.