Indian police are calling for now the two american missionaries who are believed to have encouraged the 26-year-old John Allen Chau to take out on the ‘forbidden island’, where he was killed by Sentinele-trunk, tells the chief of police Dependra Pathak.

“We are investigating at least two americans, a woman and a man, who met with the man, who went out on the island,” said Dependra Pathak, explaining that they have not yet found Chaus equal.

The young american missionary, sailed 16. november to the island of North Sentinele off the indian coast in the hope to be able to spread the christian message to the island’s isolated residents.

But supposedly he died shortly after in a rain of arrows, when he tried to go ashore on the island.

According to police, the two suspects are americans even a part of the christian missionærmiljø, and in the context, they have invited John Allen Chau to take out on the North Sentinele, even though the island is protected by indian law that prohibits outsiders to visit it.

chief of Police Dependra Pathak does not mention the couple’s names, or what organization they work for, but John Allen Chau has previously been associated with missionærgruppen All Nations.

Investigators have traced the american couple through phone calls to Chaus telephone, and they called for now, therefore, in connection with the investigation, writes the

“They had local phone numbers,” said Dependra Pathak and tells that the pair are no longer in India.

But it is not the only thing new in the case.

several weeks after the Chaus death it emerged that the young american a short time before his departure, attended by a ‘missionary bootcamp’ organised by the All Nations, writes the New York Times.

Here was Chau among other things, thrown out from a plane blindfolded in a remote area in Kansas and was ‘artificial’ attack of the volapyksnakkende people with spears.

According to a report released by the New York Times, did John Allen Chau the three-weeks long træningslejer with flying colors.

“John was one of the best participants, this camp has ever had,” told the All Nations international leader, Mary Ho, for the New York Times.

Police have so far arrested seven people in connection with the murder of Chau, six of them are the fishermen, which helped the missionary to get to the island.

Local fishermen in the area so namely the american tourist go in the country, which the island’s residents pounding him with arrows and subsequently buried him.

Indian police are now trying to get hold of the crown of a corpse, so it can be brought home to the relatives.

Organizations working to protect tribal peoples, has appealed to the indian authorities to give up to get fat in the body in order to protect the local.

Anyway, the police have the ad three times been close to the island to investigate the circumstances of the crown of death, informs Denpendra Pathak.

“This case is the strangest and hardest of my life,” he says, and tells that maybe they will take back to the island, if the investigation requires it.

It is not known exactly where John Allen Chaus equal is located.