Pierce Brosnan has paid tribute to his late colleague James Caan and released pictures from shooting Caan’s last film together.

The US actor and “The Godfather” star James Caan has died at the age of 82. His colleague Pierce Brosnan (69) was apparently still in front of the camera with him shortly before his death. In an Instagram post, Brosnan has now published pictures in which he can be seen with Caan on the set of the film “Fast Charlie”. “Take care, Jimmy, we laughed a lot together in these five days in New Orleans,” writes the 69-year-old about the photo series, which shows, among other things, a picture of Brosnan sitting on a stool outdoors and Caan next to it him in a wheelchair.

The film star was an inspiration to him as a young actor, “and even greater as a man who saw you struggle with great physical pain and discomfort every day,” Brosnan continues. He adds: “You devoted yourself to acting until the end […].” He will “always cherish the memory of you”. He also expressed his condolences to the family of the deceased. “May you rest in peace, forever in the light.”

This role embodies Caan in “Fast Charlie”

As the US industry magazine “Variety” reports, Caan had completed filming the thriller “Fast Charlie” by Phillip Noyce (72) before his death. The film, based on Victor Gischler’s (53) novel “Gun Monkeys”, is scheduled to premiere in early 2023. Pierce Brosnan plays Charlie Swift, a hitman who has worked for his aging crime boss Stan (Caan) for two decades. After a rival boss attempts to eliminate Stan and his team, Charlie must avenge his friend. According to media reports, it will be Caan’s last film.

The family confirmed James Caan’s death on July 7 via the actor’s official Twitter account. “It is with great sadness that we inform you that Jimmy passed away on the evening of July 6th,” it said. The family did not disclose a cause of death. The world will probably remember him as Sonny Corleone from Francis Ford Coppola’s (83) mafia classic “The Godfather” alongside Al Pacino (82) and Marlon Brando (1924-2004).