She has been affected by stress, and in the context she has chosen to say her job, so she can get relaxed a little bit.

she says to Billed-Bladet.

“I just said my job, so I relax a little. I got a little stress, so I should just be myself and whole again,” she says.

She has worked as a site manager at ISS, and to the Image the Magazine she says that she has been treated quite fair. It was her self, that ‘could not’, when she had too much on the ears.

Now she makes therefore, as little as possible to get it better and is, along with his children.

in the Past, had Josephine of Rosenborg, the title of countess, but she lost, when she married civil by Thomas Christian Schimdt in 1998.

They divorced in 2014 after 16 years of marriage.

“We forgot simply each other in the move. When my parents died, started the process of emptying the house and all that. When it was on, so I almost my sister more than I saw my own family. There we began to drift further and further from each other. Eventually I felt suffocated and pressed up in a corner,” it sounded at that time from the Josephine of Rosenborg B. T.

Together they had two children – Julius and Clara.

today form she couple with Kenneth Schmidt.

The two got in 2016, a son, named Oscar.