Judith Rakers will not appear on the talk show “3nach9” on Friday. The presenter was infected with the corona virus.

Giovanni di Lorenzo (63) will moderate the talk show “3nach9” on Friday (July 8) for the first time in 33 years. The reason: His colleague Judith Rakers (46) tested positive for the corona virus, as stated in a press release. The two have moderated the format together since 2010.

Lorenzo is “very sorry” for Rakers – and also for himself, “because I now had to try to pull in what Judith had worked out for weeks in an hour and a half”. The 63-year-old found out about the positive test result from his co-host just hours before the show was recorded. “Of course, I wasn’t able to prepare as well as Judith always does. At least not for the guests she would have taken on,” explains di Lorenzo.

Guests on Friday at “3nach9”

The last “3nach9” edition (from 10 p.m. on NRD/Radio Bremen) before the summer break will be broadcast on Friday. Giovanni di Lorenzo welcomes the CDU MP Wolfgang Bosbach (70) and his daughter Caroline (32) as well as the TV presenters Claus Kleber (66) and Bärbel Schäfer (58). His other guests include the doctor and actor Joe Bausch (69), gardening expert Ulf Soltau and the sailors Sigrid and Dieter Markworth.

Giovanni di Lorenzo has been leading the show since 1989, which has existed since 1974. Since September 2010 he has had Judith Rakers at his side.