Kalush Orchestra: Musicians sell ESC trophy for drones


    The auction of the ESC trophy raised $900,000. With this Kalush Orchestra want to support the Ukrainian military.

    Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian band that won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has sold their trophy for $900,000. The musicians announced this in an Instagram story. Previously, Kalush Orchestra had stated in a post that the money from the auction would be used to buy drones for the Ukrainian military. The buyer of the cup is the IT company Whitebit, according to a Facebook post.

    The band Kalush Orchestra won the ESC on May 14th in Turin. The trophy in the form of a glass microphone has now been auctioned off on Facebook. The sale coincided with the band’s performance at a benefit concert at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Sunday. The show raised money for medical facilities in Ukraine. According to “BBC News”, band member Oleh Psiuk (28) appealed to the audience at the event not to get used to the war. “I think it should always be on the front pages until peace comes,” Psiuk said.