‘He was not evil, my father, he made sure just so bad for us, that when he disappeared out of my life, it felt neither as a loss or privation.’

How to describe Kim Larsen in the book the relationship with his father, Alfred M. Larsen, who left him, his mother and big brother Tore, when Kim Larsen was quite small.

When he in the book tells about his father, he takes it subject to that he has got many of the stories viderefortalt of his mother, who was abandoned with two small children, and it must therefore be read as such.

He never learned really to know his father’s side of the family, who in the book are referred to with a single visit with his grandmother and grandfather.

His grandfather was, according to the mother a ‘painting man’. His father was cultural curious, read books and played on the piano and called Kim based on the novel ‘Kim’ about an orphaned boy who ‘vagabondede’ through life.

‘I’ve never been curious to know more about my father and has not had contact with him in later life,’ explains Kim Larsen on in the book, and recalled an episode when he was three years old and smoke in the hospital with pneumonia.

He was home alone with his father, it was winter, and now seemed the father, to the little Kim should be cured.

He was put to sleep with a thin blanket next to an open window and got the resulting fever.

“He is a weakling. He never gets into a skid,” had the father said to the mother, when she discovered what had happened.

‘I do not remember my father for something warm and good, and I can’t remember, that he once took me up and held me, or told a story for me. I associate him only with the cold, literally.’

Kim Larsen’s parents divorced when he was five years old, and since they had almost no contact.

He tells in the book about a time in the 1980s, when he is on tour and will play in Marstal on Ærø island in the archipelago and get to know that his father lives on top of the organizer.

the arranger tells Kim Larsen, that his father has been an old, sour man who banks with a broomstick in the floor, each time the game is played Kim Larsen-music.

He had mentioned to the father that his son came to the island to play, and whether he would not have a free pass, but that he had rejected with the words ‘Never in life. I must kraftedeme not in and listen to the shit’.

Kim Larsen himself was the father of six children with three different women. In the media, is it through the years described how he had not had much contact with the four elders, but instead stuck to its last family in Odense.

When he died the 30. september earlier in the year, sounded the message from Kim Larsen’s hinterland, that the whole family was gathered for the last.

Kim Larsen – in My young years’ is out now.