Queen Margrethe of denmark has in recent weeks undergone laser treatment for cataracts in both eyes, and it is likely to improve her functioning and quality of life tremendously.

“the Operation is not going to mean anything to her work – if nothing else it might even improve it,” assess kongehusekspert and author Søren Jakobsen for B. T.

50,000 people are operated every year for cataract.

It is the most common operation in denmark, and therefore surprises it’s also not the expert, that our queen – who is in the age group where allerflest being operated – it has also been use for the operation.

He welcomes the fact that the royal family has announced that the queen has been under the laser.

“It sends a clear signal that the queen is well, and that she is ‘still going strong’,” says Soren Jakobsen.

in Addition, the news may also allay those rumors in the earth:

“maybe There is someone who has noticed that the Queen has gone and pinched his eyes together and looked more grimly than otherwise.”

“And it is not her nature, so it is probably, therefore, the royal family has stated that she has been operated upon, and that it went well,” says Soren Jakobsen.

strictly come operation to improve queen Margrethe’s quality of life.

“the Operation could probably give the Queen some joy again in relation to her private interests.”

“She loves the theatre and painting, and the operation can be to improve your color vision, so now she can get even more out of the arts, she enjoys,” concludes the expert.