Seinäjoki play the IS Cup 3 FIFA CHAMPIONSHIP tournament has advanced to the medal games. Just finished semi-final saw a huge cliffhanger and a clear overflow.
AD: DreamHack Open Winter bookmakers target. A long bet on esports-game offerings can be found here “in the first semi-final faced the tournament favorites include a Emil “sn1pguy” Simpanen and B-block won the surprise name Jesse “kossu72” Kosamo. the

the Best of three series in the opening match was a long time smooth and clean sheet until the 66 minute mark Simpanen hit 1-0-readers on the board. Kosamo equalized the game on 83 minutes, which remained the actual game last. Eventually, the first match won in extra time at the end Kosamo. the

the Second match was the polar opposite of the first. In the first half Kosamo and Simpanen do both one goal, but the second partition was seen five goals. Simpanen equalized the match series 5-2-a landslide you can be. the
Ad (Text continues below) the Ad ends News from the end to find links to all the the first semi-final of the paints!A crucial match in Kosamo scored the opening goal in 15 game minutes. Despite several attempts, the next goal was seen only 49 minutes in, when Simpanen offset by a quick counter-attack by the game, 1-1:een. the

Simpanen made the 2-1 lead goal just moments later, but the joy turned into disappointment in less than a minute: Kosamo equalized in the next attack of the game a 2-2 situation. the

the match towards the end of the Simpanen and Kosamo hit both times yet, so the front was extra time. The finals will march in the end 4-3-the sequel time for you to be Kosamo, who solved the game with header paint. the

This paint Kosamo ensure a place in the final:

in the Second semi-final faced the Aaro ”Aaro47” Paljakka and Markus ”MakezCR” Moilanen. The match was played at the same time, the first semi-final, but without broadcast. Having been in a few finals continue Moilanen 2-0 series you can be a (1-0, 3-1). the
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follow the SM-finale direct:
Direct upload: FIFA-video game CHAMPIONSHIP finals played in tennessee the Cup continues at 19.05 started by finaalilla, which Moilanen and Kosamo. One of them will be crowned the best of three series at the end of the Finnish champion.

sn1pguy–kossu72 -match all goals: first match
1-0 sn1pguy 1-1 kossu72 2-1 (OT) kossu72 the Second match
1-0 kossu72 1-1 sn1pguy 2-1 sn1pguy 2-2 kossu72 3-2 sn1pguy 4-2 sn1pguy 5-2 sn1pguy the Third match
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