Lauri Tukonen moves to Växjö for the lakers.Lauri Tukonen play for the first time in his career in Sweden. AOP/Hannu Luostarinen

This is a little more than a month-long job, says SHL-follow website. Tukonen has agreed to play Växjössa 15. January until now.

Last season in the Swedish championship winning Växjö lakers in the play before the finns Janne Pesonen , Tuomas Kiiskinen and Julius Junttila .

Indented season played Tukonen, 32, made at the beginning of October Pori Aces with a match-point agreement, which consisted in the end only seven matches.

Växjöllä is the order to attack, it Pesonen and yanked confirmation Austin Ortega are in the dock. In addition, the club will lose three players in the junior world tournament, which begins boxing day in Canada.