The band Rammstein was on stage in the Red Bull Arena for 45 minutes. Then a violent thunderstorm came up and the spectators were asked to leave the interior of the stadium.

Because of a thunderstorm over Leipzig, the German prelude to the European tour of the Berlin band Rammstein has been interrupted. 45 minutes into the show, people in the Red Bull Arena were asked to leave the stadium and seek shelter.

“We hope to be able to continue the concert immediately after the thunderstorm,” said an announcement. After 15 minutes, the fans were allowed back inside.

With the previously acclaimed concert in front of around 40,000 fans, the internationally acclaimed band has reported back to German tour stages. The musicians around singer Till Lindemann (59) first presented part of their show, which was characterized by a lot of fire, firecrackers and effects, in the Saxon city’s football arena.

In addition to Leipzig, concerts are planned for June in Berlin (4/5), Stuttgart (10/11), Hamburg (14/15) and Düsseldorf (18/19). Rammstein has now scheduled 42 concerts in Europe and North America for the tour, which was postponed twice due to corona. In the first part, more than a million fans visited the 30 shows in 2019, ten of which were in Germany.