There is no longer a chance of giving in: Robert Lewandowski has once again made it clear that he only wants to leave Bayern Munich.

Robert Lewandowski repeated his wish to leave FC Bayern Munich in the summer – and chose drastic words.

“I just want to leave FC Bayern. Loyalty and respect are more important than work,” said Lewandowski in the podcast with OnetSport. “Something died in me, I want to leave FC Bayern for more emotions in my life.” It was “impossible for him to ignore it. Even if you want to be professional, you can’t make up for it.”

A ban on changing the club would have negative effects on future transfers, the Pole emphasized: “Why? Which player wants to come to Bayern when he knows that something like this could happen to him?” He wishes for loyalty and respect: “I was always ready, I’ve spent eight beautiful years here, I’ve met so many wonderful people and I want it to stay that way in my head.”

As the image reports, the interview is said to have been recorded last Friday.

In the weeks before, Lewandowski’s advisor Pini Zahavi had declared the FC Bayern chapter to be over for his protégé in a similarly drastic manner. The top striker himself may have been referring to the rumors that the record champions were involved in the transfer poker around ex-BVB striker Erling Haaland to replace Lewandowski in the long term with his comment that something had died in him.

Hoeneß does not rule out Lewandowski’s contract extension

Hours earlier, Bayern Honorary President Uli Hoeneß had even announced a contract extension for the Pole at Sport1 on Monday. “I’ve always said: If you don’t have an alternative that you think can replace him to some extent – it looks like that’s difficult at the moment – then I would definitely advocate that he There’s still a year left. And then you have to see whether he’ll go on a free transfer next year or maybe even extend it again, nobody knows that,” said Hoeneß.

Why Lewandowski was pushing for a farewell a year before the end of the contract and what had happened behind the scenes, Hoeneß replied that “nothing” had happened. “He’s the way he’s always been and makes sure that his interests are met. It hasn’t gone quite as well as he and especially his special agent want at the moment and then you get angry. I would recommend everyone involved “To stay objective and not let things escalate. And then the sun will soon shine again over the house of ‘Bayern und Lewandowski’.”

According to Lewandowski’s podcast statements, it no longer looks like that. FC Barcelona is still Lewandowski’s dream destination and the Catalans also seem to want to sign the FIFA World Player of the Year. The problem: The clammy top club should currently have no financial leeway to sign Lewandowski.