To speak English in 36. Floor of tower one of Lippo Centre, a skyscraper in the glitzy financial district of Hong Kong. Here, the German chamber of foreign trade (AHK) has one of its most important branches in the world.

“Hong Kong is the gateway to China”, explains the Deputy Director, Wolfgang Ehmann and the view from the floor-to-ceiling front window in the direction of the Chinese mainland to wander, although the stunning views of Hong Kong harbour on this hazy Morning is greatly reduced.

30 years Ago, from Swabia to Hong Kong

Ehmann need to know. For over 30 years, the native of Heidenheim in Hong Kong, lives, and also, as today’s Chinese special administrative region was still a British crown colony. After the return in 1997, guaranteed by Beijing, all of the economic freedoms of Hong Kong. “One country, two systems” was the magic formula at that time. About 20 years later, Hong Kong is, despite the Asian crisis, Sars epidemic or the international financial crisis, an economically excellent. FOCUS Online 14 countries, 14 Reporter – solutions, which can be for our society as a model

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Tax benefits and a business-friendly climate to attract international companies and investors has always been in droves. “In Hong Kong to settle, reduces the risk for companies, because China is still with uncertainties,” says Ehmann.

And Hong Kong can point to another major location advantage: his Super-students. “As an employer, I find a large Pool of already in young years – internationally experienced University graduates,” says APC chief Ehmann.

Eight state-run universities, the 7.5 million city of Hong Kong, to eleven privately funded. Many of them maneuvering in international University Rankings. Each year, the universities will strand many thousands of highly qualified and internationally oriented graduates on the labour market.

700 German companies in Hong Kong

to appreciate The knowledge of German companies. To about 700 Ehmann puts the number of subsidiaries of German parent companies or German-managed companies in the Chinese special administrative zone, approximately 400 are members of the AHK. Tens of thousands of Hong Kong Chinese were employed at this company: “In the case of Lufthansa and Siemens, around 500 of them work alone. Also, all major German purchasing companies are represented here. Metro, Aldi, Kaufland, Lidl.“

Here, Janna Lo deserves your money. Since the end of 2016, the young Hong Kong Chinese woman works at Lidl. English she had learned before, including during a semester Abroad in Germany. At the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she studied hotel management, he learned a lot about economic issues. The Job at Lidl they would not have received but without your knowledge of the German language, smiles, Janna.

diligence and willingness to work more not with Hong Kong’s graduates, however, after the completion of the study. Janna is about cramming in the evening willingly in an advanced course at the Hong Kong Goethe-Institute German. The costs the employer bears from Germany.

Janna’s career is exemplary for many young Hong Kong Chinese. The education of the children has an immensely high value. Low-income families into debt as a matter of course, in order to allow the young to study, and thus opportunities for advancement.

training on a different level than in Germany,

“The value system is strongly oriented towards education”, says Wolfgang Ehmann, who is himself married to a Hong Kong Chinese woman and her 16-year-old son. “The education of the children is one of the most important components in the family,” the choice-Hong Kong.

The dark side: from an early age, little is left to chance. “The fact that a kindergarten applicants arrive with a Portfolio, what has he already done all that is crass,” says Ehmann. Tutoring and additional out-of-school activities as a matter of course, good academic performance is the priority, to excessive pressure on students. Albert Linner, The Hong Kong Baptist University

But the country’s widespread prejudice from a pure Drill in Asian education is increasingly being replaced by: “is A liberal education more important in comparison to the stubborn Timpani,” says Ehmann. The biggest difference to German University graduates is the same for him – such as self – multilingualism of the young Hong Kong Chinese to understand: “I’m always impressed by how well the people here are able to learn English.”

the German chamber of foreign trade every year is a grateful customer of the Hong Kong Super-graduates. “At least four languages, if you come to us with a large self-evident,” says Ehmann. To Cantonese, the Hong Kong spoken dialect, and Mandarin, so Mandarin Chinese, the official language of English and a further foreign language such as English.

Hong Kong’s University graduates are multi-lingual

Raymond Chung has mastered six languages – Hokkien, and Hakka, two Chinese variants. Raymond received his Bachelor degree in England, and another diploma in Hong Kong and on top of that, a Master’s degree at the FH Würzburg-Schweinfurt. His youthful face almost looks a little young for the black Business suit, the 30-Year-old. However, the project Manager has been working for almost four years at the AHK.

time for a couple of months off after school or in the study, about traveling, as it is in the case of European students, almost consistently, since there is hardly. “I would never allow a gap in my CV,” says Raymond – and thus speaks for all.

This single-mindedness pays off for the young professionals but financially. Content jumps from 20 to 30 percent from one Job to the next in the Hong Kong business world is not uncommon. The chamber of foreign trade a General rule, therefore, fresh graduates, after a few years of work, the professionals are already too expensive. Albert Linner Wolfgang Ehmann (left), head of the AHK in Hong Kong, with FOCUS-Online-Reporter Albert Linner

Young, determined, hard-working, multi-lingual, cosmopolitan – a typical combination for the Hong Kong University graduates. German and other international companies see that as a significant location advantage – also in comparison to the closed mainland China.

Or, as it is the choice-Hong Kong Wolfgang Ehmann puts it: “this is The unique feature of Hong Kong: It is the interface between the Western and the Asian world with an appropriate value system here is both understood and lived.” All of the stories from Hong Kong: 63-again law school: The secret behind the hunger for Education of Hong Kong is the cost of pure academic year 21.700 Euro To visit in Hong Kong German squad forge Hong Kong instead of Harvard: Why you are the Elite Unis soon, not in the West findenWie German companies from Hong Kong’s Super-students benefit Hong Kong before making it: What German universities need to be among the Elite

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