Corona, war, economic crisis: In this situation, Finance Minister Christian Lindner marries with great posturing, politicians and celebrities gather on Sylt. The cover story “Die Abhaulen” of the current star has evoked different reactions among the readers. We show a summary.

Before elections, politicians often have to be put to the test: how expensive is a piece of butter? The milk? The bread bun? These questions are intended to test whether the competitors for Germany’s most crucial positions are really close to the people.

Almost a year later, the question seems to have been answered by some federal politicians: Finance Minister Christian Lindner is getting married on the celebrity island of Sylt – while Germany and the federal government are facing a number of challenges: Corona, war, inflation, the threat of recession. Decent is different. Chancellor Scholz does not miss the party. And CDU faction leader Friedrich Merz gets his private plane out of the hangar for the trip to Sylt.

Florian Giseler cannot understand the debate about inflation: “1) We had similar inflations earlier in the days of the DM and nobody complained about it, they just took it as it came and 2) there are already inflation winners. The higher the price, the higher the profit.”

Felipe Sauvageon sees Christian Lindner’s celebration critically: “It was styleless and instinctive for Lindner to turn this celebrity prodigy outwards à la the Geissens Income cold apartments in winter.Neither Lindner nor Merz nor any other politician will have a cold butt, neither in the offices or in the plenary nor in the private rooms, if the motor pool has driven them there.And the wine, the seafood or the steaks will still have premium quality. That is the background against which I see Lindner’s public show marriage.”

Rainer Korff sees the chance for changes in the next elections: “Anyone who has worked in such a position has no more worries in life. But a choice is a choice! Do better next time. I will!” Bernd Kohr even sees calculation behind the celebration: “He will probably apologize soon and say: I wouldn’t do it like that anymore today. It’s become so fashionable in our country. Something is done or said, then the echo or . Criticism and then apologies.”

However, many readers also take a critical view of the front page, suspecting “envy” behind it, feeling that the title story did not succeed as an impetus for a “serious debate in the country” or consider it “tasteless”. Michael Friess puts it in a nutshell: “The man got married and celebrated a wedding with 140 guests and paid for the party. Just like tens of thousands of other couples! Every year and this year and in the future. And if relatives are from afar or a guest comes by plane, then that’s no concern of left-wing “patients”.”

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